Marilyn Manson's Pants Fall Down Mid-Song.... and boobs

 MARILYN MANSON is still recovering from the broken leg he suffered when a stage prop fell on him during a show last year.  A few days ago, he suffered ANOTHER onstage mishap.  But this one wasn't quite as serious.

 Not long after Manson launched into "The Beautiful People", his PANTS FELL DOWN.  And a fan caught the whole thing on video.  Luckily . . . or maybe not . . . he was facing away from the crowd at the time.

But he didn't want to interrupt the song, so instead of bending over to pull them up, he motioned for a roadie to come out and do it for him.  He didn't miss a beat, and it looked like he and the roadie shared a laugh over it.

Later in the song, he made up for it by inviting a female fan onstage to dance TOPLESS.

 WARNING you may see boobs so watch if you are offended by nakedness...

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