Pyeongchang Restaurants Still Serving Dog Meat During Olympics

Despite government requests, nearly all restaurants in Pyeongchang will continue to sell dog meat during the Olympics. Of the 12 restaurants in the area, only two have complied with local authorities - even though they've been offered subsidies for taking the dish off the menu during the Games.

Officials in Pyeongchang have spent millions in westernizing the Olympic area ahead of the Games. This included providing foreign-language menus at restaurants minus the fury friends. Officials are scrapping the delicacy because “foreigners tend to have stereotypes” about it.

Local business owners feel they shouldn’t have to change their menu to accommodate foreigners. “I’ve been selling dog meat for decades,” says Park Young-ae who runs Young Hoon Restaurant. His business is very close to the Olympic stadium and he says, “It is really difficult for me to change my menu just because of the Olympics.”

  • And before you freak out, eating dog meat is a very common and legal practice in Korea. It’s mostly eaten by older people for its believed to have strengthening and medicinal properties. Many activists are fighting to ban its consumption.

Source: Channel News Asia

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