What Makes The Perfect 'Man-Cave'?

Here's a good one for March Madness.  A new survey asked guys what the ideal MAN-CAVE would look like.  And basically, it's multiple TVs . . . plenty of beer . . . and NO WIVES ALLOWED.  Here are eight results from the survey . . . 

1.  The most important features are multiple TVs and a sound system.  An indoor putting green ranked last.  But come on . . . how awesome would that be? 

2.  42% of guys with a man-cave said they have more than one TV in it.  40% also have some sort of video game setup.  29% have a fully stocked bar.  24% have a dart board.  And 21% have a pool table. 

3.  Beer is the most popular drink to have on hand.  Soda and hard liquor are next. 

4.  56% of guys said the ideal place for a man-cave is the basement.  I guess it's a little more cave-like than a spare bedroom or the garage. 

5.  The #1 celebrity guys want to hang out with in their man-cave is The Rock.  Millennials would also like to hang with Drake . . . Gen Xers would like to hang with Bill Murray . . . and Baby Boomers would like to kick back with Tom Hanks

6.  42% of guys with man-caves said they hang out in there just about every day.  Another 35% said a few times a week.  

7.  5% said they spent more than TEN GRAND setting it up. 

8.  And 52% of guys said that, ideally, their significant other would never come in.  


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