It turns out you might be wasting your hard-earned money on all of those grooming products and manly scents. It turns out that what seems to catch the eyes of the ladies more than anything is the color red. Data from the National Center for Biotechnology Information says it all.

These party-animals did seven different experiments that demonstrated it. The found that women get more revved-up when they see a man either standing in front of a red background or in red clothing. Put a dude in red clothing IN FRONT OF a red background, and it’s apparently a total panty-dropper.

What this valuable information tells these science-types is that “women are biologically engrained to view men in red as higher in status, more likely to make more money, or climb higher in status.” It’s true with non-humans, too. Red’s also a turn-on for the animal world, when the females of various species showing “mating preference for high-status males.” Do you think the members of the Cincinnati Reds get laid more than other baseball players?

Source: NCBI

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