Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Jock Itch

At one point or another, every guy’s had that issue with something funky going on “downstairs.” No man wants to be the one seen “shuffling his deck” while walking down the hallways because he has that “no so fresh feeling.” It’s especially bad if you don’t have time to grab a shower after a good workout since it’s the perfect breeding ground for fungus to do a little crotch-pot cooking.

You best bet is to stay hygienic, you filthy bastard. Beyond that, you should be catching the signs early.

  • Obviously, there’s that itch.
  • Then, it grows a light rash that can expand to other parts of your nether regions if you’re not taking care of yourself.
  • Then – watch out – because you’ll be looking at cracked skin and an odor that nobody wants to be associated with.

For early on symptoms, docs recommend a dry zinc oxide powder to calm things down. An anti-fungal cream before the powder can give you a double-shot of freshness for the boys, but DON’T go for the greasy ointments. If you’re still having a feel for the funk after that, for God’s sake, see a doctor. However, to avoid it in the first place, take showers after you work out, switch out your workout gear, and try to avoid tight-fitting, non-cotton undies. You’re welcome.

Source: Men’s Health

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