Pretty people may seem to effortlessly glide through life, but a new study reveals less attractive folks actually make more money. Researchers from the London School of Economics and the University of Massachusetts analyzed data from 20,000 Americans who were interviewed and rated their own attractiveness at various points over a study that was 13-years long. The data shows that participants who were more extroverted, conscientious and less neurotic made significantly more money than others, and 'very unattractive' participants always made more money than those who were just 'unattractive.'

Psychologist Dr. Alex Fredera, who was not involved in the research, says this correlation may happen because unattractive people were found to be less open to new experiences, which may correlate with higher earnings. This causes 'very unattractive' people to be more likely to commit to their job, allowing them to climb the professional ladder more effectively, and therefore earn a higher salary. However, this result contrasts with previous studies, which have found that in general, less attractive people earn less compared to their better-looking peers.

(Daily Mail