Projected Win Totals For NFL Teams

The 2018 NFL Draft is now behind us, and that’s the perfect time for the self-proclaimed football experts to predict how the season will go. That usually starts with the bold predictions as to how many wins each team will see. For this, we turn to the Westgate Superbook. Shockingly, the New England Patriots are viewed as the team-to-beat with 11 wins. Then, we have the rest:

  • 5 Wins – Philadelphia and Pittsburgh
  • 10 Wins – Green Bad and Minnesota
  • 5 Wins – New Orleans and Los Angeles Rams
  • 9 Wins – Atlanta, Carolina, Los Angeles Chargers, Jacksonville, and San Francisco
  • 5 Wins – Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City
  • 8 Wins – Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland, Seattle, and Tennessee
  • 7 Wins – Cincinnati, Denver, and Washington
  • 5 Wins – Buffalo, Indianapolis, Chicago, New York Giants, and Tampa Bay
  • 6 Wins – Miami and New York Jets
  • 5 Wins – Arizona and Cleveland

Of course, there’s the gambling aspect, but mainly these numbers are released to start arguments and resentment between sports fans. Logically, it’s highly optimistic to think that every team’s going to win more than five games…and you know that more than three teams are going into double-digits in the win column. That’s why they play the game, and we’ll all find out together starting in September.

Source: USA Today

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