The Truth Behind “Blue Balls”

Since we’ve all been old enough to know what our testes function was, we’ve all heard about “blue balls.” That painful, achy, and pressure-filled feeling that we say accompanies not getting to release that excitement that’s built-up after a passionate, but anti-climactic encounter with that special someone.

For such a common physical experience, however, there’s shockingly little research that’s been done about it. In fact, Men’s Health did some digging, and could only come up with one case – when a 14-year-old went to the emergency room after “messing around” with his girlfriend without “completing the job.” Scientists appear to have no answer for what actually causes the pain because when you search for research on “blue balls” you come up dry. That goes for “aqua-nuts,” “teal testes,” and “purple pearls,” too.

Enter Dr. Darius Paduch, a urologist at Weill Cornell Medical College. He says there’s one common hypothesis. That “dull ache” you feel most likely comes from the build-up and pressure of the blood-flow that never gets released and slowly must dissipate. There are two cures, though. One is obvious and feels great, but – no matter how much guilt you lay out there – nowhere is it written that it has been accompanied by a “partner.” The other involves applying ice, cold water, or working out to get your mind off your predicament. In the meantime…better luck next time, stud.

Source: Men’s Health

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