Best Condoms... Ranked for her pleasure

Until there’s no such thing as unplanned pregnancy and venereal disease, condoms are going to be part of the life of any clear-thinking man. Sadly, there’s always going to be an issue with convenience, sensitivity, and comfort that goes along with it.

That’s why some experts have gotten together and ranked the best condoms out there. That way you don’t have to waste the money on something you hate. Here are their suggestions.

  • Best All-Around Condom: Trojan Ultra-Ribbed Ecstasy – “Long-lasting lube and women love the ribs”
  • Best Condom For Your Pleasure: Trojan Charged Orgasmic Pleasure – “Heightened sensation and comfort”
  • Best Condom For Her Pleasure: Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy – “Women say it feels great”
  • Most Natural-Feeling: Durex Extra Sensitive – “Super thin…feels very close to sex without a condom”
  • Most Comfortable: Lifestyles Skyn – “Softer and stretchier than latex…slick without really being lubed”
  • Most Unique: Trojan Twisted Pleasure – “A corkscrew-like sensation feels like a completely different experience of sex”
  • Best For Longer-Lasting Sex: Durex Performax – “Contains Benzocaine, which reduces skin sensitivity”
  • Best Condom For Monogamous Couples: NaturalLamb Trojan –“Latex-free condom…feels like a second-skin”
  • Best For Thrill Seekers: Trojan Magnum Twister – “15% larger than standard condoms with extra latex and twist shape at the end.”

Source: Men’s Health

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