Halo Top Sued Because Their Light Ice Cream Looks Like Regular Ice Cream

A guy named Josh Berger from Queens, New York just sued Halo Top for, quote, "false, deceptive, and misleading" labeling . . . because he says their light ice cream looks too much like regular ice cream.

He bought a pint of it for $7 last year, and he found it was HARDER and less CREAMY than regular ice cream.  And he says that's when he realized it was light ice cream, and he was FURIOUS.

So now . . . he's suing. 

And it gets better.  One of his reasons for suing is because "halo" makes him think of the halo over an angel's head . . . which he pictures as yellow . . . which makes him think of butter . . . which makes him think of creaminess.

 No really.  That's in his lawsuit. 

Anyway, he wants this to be a class-action suit . . . and he's seeking a minimum of $5 MILLION.  

(Gothamist / ClassAction.org)

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