The Ultimate World Cruise Will ‘Only’ Run You $92k

On August 31, 2019 – your 245-day adventure can kick off with their Ultimate World Cruise. You’ll start in London Greenwich Cruise Terminal, and from there you’ll spend 35 weeks hitting 59 countries (including stops like New York, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Bora Bora, Hong Kong, Algiers and Bangkok) and embarking on over 100 guided tours. You’ll experience just about every culture the planet has to offer – assuming you can get the time off work.

But that’s not all. You’ll enjoy a minibar, a king-size bed with “luxury linens,” a veranda in each room, AND free Wi-Fi…which is the least they could do at that price. Obviously, this also assumes you’ve got a spare $200-thousand lying around for vacation money – because it’s not like you’re going to take this trip solo.

Okay, reality time…but you can’t deny that it’s a nice fantasy, right?

Source: Uncrate

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