What Is The Scandi Sense Diet?

There’s always some new trendy diet to try, but that’s kind of the problem. The buzzworthy eating plans tend to be so restrictive that no one could stick to it for long, so they move on and back to less healthy eating. But there’s a different kind of diet gaining popularity because it’s easy to maintain. Meet The Scandi Sense Diet.

The Scandi Sense Diet started in Scandinavia and it’s all about sensible eating, hence the name. Created by Suzy Wengel, who lost more than 85 pounds in 10 months and kept it off, the idea is to understand portion sizes and stick to them. On this diet, each meal is made up of four handfuls of food: two are veggies, one is protein, and one is carbs.

The diet is focused on whole foods, so you want to avoid processed stuff, but your choices within the categories are up to you. Your carbs can be fruit, pasta, rice, bread, or cereal, of course, the more complex the carb, the better it is for you. And if you’re wondering where the fats are, they don’t get their own handful, but the diet allows one to three tablespoons of fat in each meal, so bring on the avocados, nuts and seeds.

And while this is called the Scandi Sense Diet, it’s not just something you’re supposed to follow for a few months and abandon. It’s easy to adapt this eating plan to your lifestyle because it’s not restrictive and you can choose foods you like that satisfy you. It’s easy and flexible enough 1 in 50 people in Scandinavia are on this diet, so it could be worth a try.


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