Farts are more than just funny

Farts aren’t only the universal language of comedy, they also have some serious health benefits if you can believe it. Check out how blowing ass can be good for you. 

  • Warning Signs – Rancid ones could be a sign of a brewing health issue you might want to get checked out.
  • Healthy Smell – That Hydrogen Sulfide you’re breathing in can “prevent cell deterioration, heart attacks, and strokes.”
  • Gut Bacteria – Farting means your gut’s happy and working properly.
  • Diet Decisions – Fart frequency and odor can be a clue as to what foods your body needs more or less of.
  • Less Bloating – Get that air out, and it won’t be filling you up inside.
  • Colon Health – Holding it in boosts pressure on your internal organs. Help those suckers out and release it.
  • Relief – This is just obvious…you feel better after you rip one off.

Source: The Daily Net