Do You Know What Arby’s Name Means?

People love Arby’s for their roast beef, curly fries, and all the meats. But it turns out, a lot of folks have no idea what the name means. Many mistakenly assume that Arby’s gets its name from the acronym for roast beef, “R-B,” which sounds like “Arby.” And now the company is trying to set the record straight once again.

For years, fans have posted “mind-blown” statuses on social media when they learn the real meaning behind Arby’s name. Way back in 2015, Arby’s tweeted that “the name Arby’s is based on R.B., the initials of founders the Raffel Brothers.”

And just this week, the debate about Arby’s name origins came out again on Twitter. And once again the restaurant tweeted that despite most folks thinking it was for roast beef, it was actually a nod to the Raffel Brothers, Leroy and Forrest, who founded the chain in 1964.

The whole thing was further confused by one tweeter who pointed out that the common misconception may have come from an Arby’s TV commercial Arby’s from the ‘80s that advertised Arby’s stood for “America’s Roast Beef - Yes!” So no wonder we were all confused.

Source: Today

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