Coca-Cola Starts Selling Its First Boozy Beverage

Coca-Cola has been around for 132 years and they’ve tried plenty of new products in that time, but the company has just come out with it’s first alcoholic beverage. It’s called Lemon-Do and as you might’ve guessed, it’s a lemon-flavored fizzy drink that’s spiked with booze, but don’t expect to find it on shelves here, this one’s only being sold in Japan.

The BBC reports that the boozy beverage was created to compete with other popular Japanese drinks called chuhai or “chu-hi” which are named for a contraction of “shochu highball” and are canned drinks made with grain-based alcohol and flavored carbonated water. Lemon-Do comes in salty lemon or honey and lemon flavors and three different alcohol levels, 3%, 5%, or 7%. And you’ll have to head to Japan to try it because Coca-Cola isn’t planning to expand this drink to more markets.

Source: The Daily Meal