Now A Thing: Preserving Tattooed Skin Of Your Dead Loved Ones

Losing someone you love is hard…and that’s why it’s important to hold onto mementos of those we care for. For some it’s a picture, for other’s it’s a keepsake...and for others…it’s the skin that their favorite tattoo was on. Yes.

That’s right, what could possibly say “Rest In Peace” and “I miss the hell out of you” more than peeling of that colored epidermis and mount it proudly on your wall? Cleveland-based Save My Ink Forever claims they’re pioneers of this budding keepsake industry. And perhaps not-surprisingly, the father-son team that run it are morticians by trade. Now, they’re in the business of “preserving and framing” the body art of those who’ve passed on for those they’ve left behind.

One customer had a grandmother who was a big fan of “Suicide Squad” (yes, there was one). To show her love for the film, Granny had a barbed-wire tattoo and another one that read “Daddy’s Little Monster.” Both of those tats were lifted from her dead skin, framed, and are now hanging proudly on a wall in her memory. These guys claim to process about 100 orders each year, to the tune of $1,600 apiece, give or take.

Why go cremation when you can go decoration? Now, you can look at your woman’s tramp-stamp or share your tribal arm band long after you’re gone from this earthly-plane.

Source: Men’s Health

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