Ways To Get Your Phone Addiction Under Control

Studies coming out now say that people are looking at their mobile phones an average of between 80 and 150 times each day. Very few of those checks are for actual phone calls, mind you. This might lead some to concede that there might be some addiction issues going on here. That’s why some experts got together with some tips on how you can cut-down your dependency on the thing and ween yourself off…even for a little while.

  • Track Usage – There are apps out there that can track your phone time and even set limits.
  • Stop Scrolling – Using Facebook and Instagram turns into a social media slot machine that leaves you craving and predicting what’s coming next. Cut yourself off…they payoff’s rarely as good as you’re hoping for.
  • Calm Yourself – Meditation, yoga, and exercise can divert that energy you’re currently wasting.
  • Physical Versions of Apps – Yeah, they’re convenient, but using a real alarm clock, notebook for notes, or actually picking up a book and relaxing with it can be just as rewarding as staring at that thing.
  • Friends – Letting your friends know you want to cut back can encourage them to hold you accountable when you’re overdoing it.
  • Real People – Turn off notifications from “real people” so you have a real reason to communicate with them in real life.
  • Greyscale – The colors stimulate your mind. Set it to greyscale and give your brain less stimulation from the thing.
  • Before Bed – Make a rule that you ditch the phone an hour before bed. Give your head time to get ready to sleep.

Source: INC