You Can Have “Sex Like A Rock Star”... For A Price

There’s a doctor in South Florida that promises that he can help you “look good, feel good, and f--- like a rock star. His name’s Dr. Ivan Ruskilo and he’s based in Miami. His specialties are “lifestyle medical treatments” that include something called the “O-Shot.” He admits that he’s “probably among the most hated amongst his fellow physicians” but that’s because they’re thinking is so “inside the box.”

The “O-Shot” consists of calcium chloride mixed with the platelets of the given patient that are injected into her through magical love-button “down there.” Yeah…there. His claim is that the shot “enhances orgasm.” There are also a number of other treatments he offers to go along with it (he says it helps with energy, fat burning, skin, etc). For the record, the good doctor is an actual MD, but his services don’t come cheap, with some paying upwards of 5-grand each month to utilize him.

Not surprisingly, Ruskilo says housewives are his “bread and butter” and says that while most doctors practice “the prolongation of death,” he’s in the business of the “augmentation of life.” And while he doesn’t say he’s got a roster of A-list clients that he can’t name – because of HIPPA – he points out that you can go to his website to see all the celebs he’s “met,” which includes Rhianna, P. Diddy, Flo Rida, Russell Brand, Ludacris, and more.

  • And for those in the market, you should also be on the lookout for his “Lyfe One Club.” When it debuts, it’ll be for “10 members only, per location” and will be “all-inclusive everything” for a mere $100,000-a-year. What a deal to “feel good and look good for the rest of your life.”

Source: NY Post

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