This Sex Toy Costs One-Million Dollars

There’s a lot that one-million-dollars can buy you- perhaps a home, a couple new cars, or the Pearl Royale vibrator. Yep- a one-million-dollar vibrator. The toy comes from Australian jeweler Colin Burn, who wanted to create something for those with very expensive taste.

“My inspiration was to create something that shows the value people place on sex,” he explains. “[People] spend lots of money for the experiences of owning Maseratis and the like. But would they pay for this?” 

The Pearl Royale is outfitted with two-thousand diamonds provided by Russian diamond merchants in various royal blue sapphires and rare pink diamonds. Don’t worry about getting cut on the diamonds though, they’re “flush set” Burn notes. It’s currently being marketed to gallery owners across Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and New York to display alongside his other erotic creations. The question above all is- does it do what it's supposed to do? “The prototype has been tried and it works exceptionally well,” Burn offers. “The real one is in a vault. We don’t want to soil it.”

Source: New York Post

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