Beware: Irish Whiskey Shortage Coming

Shortages throughout the world are always a cause for concern. Whether it’s clean drinking water in a third-world country or gas shortages in a disaster area, we’ve always got to keep our eyes open towards a goal of protecting our precious resources. That has never been truer than in the world of Irish whiskey.

Whiskey “magnate” John Teeling knows more about this world than just about any of us – and he’s got a warning…about the Irish whiskey supply. Teeling says the “renaissance” of the beverage, is having a negative side effect: they’re running out. Especially in areas like Japan, where Irish whiskey’s wildly popular.

The problem? What’s currently being made won’t be ready for consumption for seven years. For scale, the numbers say that there’s been at least at 10% increase in Irish Whiskey sales in 75 countries each year, and it’s the “fastest growing spirit category in the world…and ahead of their 2020 target.”

So, when you get it…sip it slowly and enjoy it while the producers continue to build for the future.

Source: Irish Times

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