The “Forbes” List Of Highest-Paid Athletes For 2018

Forbes has come out with their 2018 list of the world’s highest-paid athletes. As you might expect, the NBA’s got a decent chunk of Top 100, with 40 players (Last year’s record-setting number was 32). However, LeBron James has the highest income of those basketballers that made the cut, and he’s only ranked 6th overall. Here are those making the most serious bank in the world of athletics:

  • Floyd Mayweather: Total Earnings - $285-million
  • Lionel Messi: Total Earnings - $111-million
  • Cristiano Renaldo: Total Earnings - $108-million
  • Conor McGregor: Total Earnings - $99-million
  • Neymar: Total Earnings - $90-million
  • LeBron James: Total Earnings - $85.5-million
  • Roger Federer: Total Earnings - $77.2-million
  • Stephen Curry: Total Earnings - $76.9-million
  • Matt Ryan: Total Earnings - $67.3-million
  • Matthew Stafford: Total Earnings - $59.5-million
  • Kevin Durant: Total Earnings - $57.3-million
  • Lewis Hamilton: Total Earnings - $51-million
  • Russell Westbrook: Total Earnings - $47.6-million
  • James Harden: Total Earnings - $46.4-million
  • Canelo Alverez: Total Earnings - $44.5-million
  • Tiger Woods: Total Earnings - $43.3-million
  • Drew Brees: Total Earnings - $42.9-million
  • Sebastian Vettel: Total Earnings - $42.3-million
  • Derek Carr: Total Earnings - $42.1-million
  • Rafael Nadal: Total Earnings - $41.4-million

It’s interesting to note that nowhere are anyone from the worlds of baseball, hockey, or – arguably the most important sport of our time – women’s beach volleyball.

Source: Forbes

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