These Kid-Proof Briefs Protect Dad’s Family Jewels

When you’re a parent, you may, at times, become a human jungle gym. It can be a lot of fun having your little ones climbing all over you and having fun, but for dads, there’s a whole lot more to worry about. Yes, those little feet, pointy elbows, and flailing arms can become a hazard to his family jewels, but now there’s a fix: kid-proof underwear for men.

FridaBalls are a hilariously named product and as funny as they sound, they’re real and they’re here to help dad “protect his legacy.” These claim to be the world’s first kid-proof underwear, so dads, uncles, and guys everywhere can have fun with kids without fear of getting an injury down there. These undies have a reinforced protective pouch to “soften the blow and keep dad’s buddies safe” should a baseball be hit in their direction, or kick gets out of control.

"FridaBalls is the boxer brief designed to add branches to your family tree," reads a press release for the new product. "Each pair of FridaBalls is equipped with our patent pending Heirloom Conservation Technology (HCT)."

Source: PopSugar

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