A study found that most Americans know very little about their cars

A new survey found 68% of cars currently have at least one thing wrong with them.  And when people were asked whether they could handle relatively simple fixes . . . like changing a tire . . . the answer for most was a resounding NOPE.

 Here are six fixes, and how many of us feel "extremely confident" we could do them . . .

1.  Could you add windshield washer fluid to your car?  30% aren't sure they could.

2.  Could you replace your windshield wipers?  52% don't know if they could handle it. 

3.  Could you jump start your car if the battery died?  53% don't know if they could. 

4.  Could you put a spare tire on?  61% aren't sure.  One in five don't even know how to use a gauge to check the tire pressure. 

5.  Could you replace a blown fuse?  63% aren't sure they could do it. 

6.  Could you change your own oil?  67% said no. 

Now here's the craziest stat.  Researchers showed people different photos of car parts.  And 41% couldn't even identify which part was the ENGINE. 

 (SWNS Digital)

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