Apple Is Rolling Out A 911 First Responder Service

If you’ve ever called 911, you know how scary it can be...and when that call is made on a cell phone? It's more complicated, because the operator often doesn't know where you are. This is a problem because, as the National Emergency Number Association, 240-million such calls are made a year and more than 80% come from mobile devices.

That’s where Apple is stepping in. As part of their iOS 12 update, the tech giant is giving users a 911 first responder service. Yes, they’ll be using your data, but it could be a matter of life or not such a bad trade.

The new feature will be able to calculate a caller’s location from data collected from Wi-Fi access points, nearby cell towers and GPS. First responders will get that information and get to you faster. Don't have an iPhone? Google does have a similar version, it just isn’t available yet, or in the near future, for Android users in the US.

Source: 24/7 Wall Street

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