It seems that people around the world have some negative feelings about us.

Every country has stereotypes about its people, but it seems that the U.S. has really tipped the scale to the negative . Writer Mark Abadi has traveled to 25 countries and decided to share some of the worst stereotypes about Americans. Some miss the mark, some seem a little too close for comfort. The good news is, Abadi shares tips on how to polish the old image up for our country.

  • "All Americans are rich" You can stop laughing now. Because of our economy and global standing, some think all of us our rich with multiple cars and homes. Oh how we wish that were true!
  • "Americans are overly patriotic." Many first time visitors to the U.S. are surprised by the number of American flags we have and that we proclaim we’re the greatest country on earth. We’ll keep this stereotype,
  • "Americans are ignorant about the world." Some who travel apparently don’t research the customs of the countries they visit.
  • "Americans only speak English." While it used to be true, the tide is turning thanks to the younger generations. Learning key phrases for your trip abroad is a classy move.
  • Americans are entitled. We’ll take this punch to the gut. Some Americans tend to want the locals to cater to our customs and preferences instead of us delving into the local flavor. We are guests in other countries. Remembering that will help us appreciate what we don’t have back home.
  • Americans are obsessed with work. Let’s face it, when the average European country has an average work week below 40 hours, that sounds great. Ours, by comparison is 47 on average. Top it with the U.S. being the only developed country that doesn’t guarantee paid vacation for workers and we can see where this stereotype comes from. 
  • Americans don’t understand soccer. They call it 'football' and Americans call it boring as a rule. But it’s the international sport. And it’s one we are slow to grow here. Since the World Cup is underway, now may be a good time to check it out.

Source: Business Insider