Just ask Alexa to bring you a beer!

Life is about to get a little better for Amazon Prime members in some lucky cities in Texas. Amazon has just added beer and wine delivery in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston. Using the Prime Now app or site, Prime members can get a pretty good selection of beer and wine for free two-hour delivery and they can even have it there in one hour, for an extra fee.

Amazon first started offering alcohol delivery back in 2015 in Seattle and last year they added it to cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York CIty, and San Francisco. For now, in Texas, only beer and wine are being offered, but in some cities, like Seattle, Prime members can get liquor delivered, too.

But don’t think underage drinkers are going to have it made in the shade in Texas this summer, you still have to be 21 or older to order and the drivers will check IDs and get an adult to sign for the delivery. And it doesn’t get much easier than saying, “Alexa, bring me a beer.”

Source: Wide Open Eats

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