Burger King Russia is getting grilled over a bizarre promotion

Lots of people celebrate in lots of ways – over lots of things. But Burger King Russia allegedly offered that if anyone gets knocked up during the World Cup, they’ll serve up about $40-grand…and a lifetime supply of Whoppers.

But there’s a catch (of course there is). The woman in question needs to get plump with the fetus a World Cup player.

So, is for real? Well…the original posted has since been deleted and they’ve now issued an apology. A Google translation of their apology says: "We apologize for the statement we made. It turned out to be too insulting. We thank you for the feedback."

  • This isn't the first time Burger King Russia has gotten in hot water for a promotion. In 2015, customers called them “vulgar” after using imagery of a well-endowed lady to advertise their food. And then, in 2017, they made fun of a teenage rape victim in a marketing campaign.

Source: The Mirror

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