Wall Street Restaurant Has A $185 Wagyu Beef Sandwich

When you’re making real Wall Street money, you can afford to splurge on a high-end meal for lunch from time-to-time, right? That’s where Don Wagyu comes in. A new restaurant in New York City’s financial district, it’s completely dedicated to Wagyu beef. Their menu has plenty to offer, but for a mere $185 you can ingest A5 Ozaki. Why so much? Only five cattle are shipped to the U.S. from one family farm in Japan, and they get ‘em.

What’s that decent chunk of change get you? A solid five-ounce portion that’s breaded with panko and fried, then placed on crustless squares of white bread. On the side, some housemade pickles and nori-dusted fries. Chew slowly, though…it’s expensive. 

Source: Bloomberg