This Home Decor Item Could Boost Your Sex Life

Want to step it up in the bedroom? Step away from the oysters and other aphrodisiacs you may have tried, it turns out this wallpaper could actually help get you in the mood. But we’re not talking just any wallpaper, this stuff was created to enhance your desire. Really.

Interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and “sexpert” Tracey Cox collaborated on the custom “Kinky Vintage” Naughty Noir design wallpaper. And it is pretty sexy. It features a black velvet jacquard-style print on a silver background with a velvety texture.

And according to Tracey, this specific combo will boost your desire to do the deed. “Kinky Vintage wallpaper features rounded shapes, opulent colors and a touch-me texture which can all help to get us in the mood for sex,” she explains.

The sexpert says our surroundings can have a major influence on our sex drive, that’s why you may have better sex and more of it when you’re staying in a fancy hotel. Tracey says sexy surroundings make us feel like sex, so remember that when your libido needs some help.

Source: Women's Health

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