Patriotic Movies For Your 4th Of July Holiday

The 4th of July is on Wednesday, and every right-thinking American has a solid barbecue and fireworks bash on their mind. However, sometimes mother nature has a way of torpedoing those plans with a rude rain storm. Now, you have your backup plans. Here are the 10 greatest “patriotic” movies to chill with to celebrate your independence.

  • Independence Day” – The planet’s saved by two American heroes. USA! USA!
  • The Patriot” – It’s not factually accurate, but it sure does kick ass.
  • Team America: World Police” – Never before have marionettes elicited such national pride…or such a quality sex scene.
  • Patton” – You won’t see a better patriotic speech on film.
  • Forrest Gump” – Ever Baby Boomer pop culture event and reference in one convenient film.
  • Born On The Fourth Of July” – A Vietnam Vet comes back to a country that he feels betrayed him.
  • Young Mr. Lincoln” – Going off-the-board here, with a Henry Fonda classic that shows Abraham Lincoln before he was charged with keeping the country from ripping itself apart.
  • Red Dawn” – Patrick Swayze and his teenage friends protect us all from the Russians.
  • Captain America: The First Avenger” – The entire Marvel Universe started with beating the crap out of some Nazis.
  • Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” – Another classic, this time with Jimmy Stewart, who plays an idealistic senator who refuses to play into the “gaming and scheming” that goes on in Washington.

Surely, there are others…maybe even better ones. Let the arguing begin.

Source: Men’s Health

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