America’s Biggest Summer Fear – The Swimsuit

While most people love summer, and all the water activities that come with it, there are plenty of people who dread it. Why? Because that means they’ll have to put on a bathing suit.

A new poll by Planet Fitness finds that 86% of Americans have one major worry during the summer, and for 24% of those people, that worry is being seen in a swimsuit. That fear is so great, it rivals the possibility of seeing a shark (13%).

So, just how much do people hate bathing suits? Well, 46% of people say they’d rather speak in public than wear a swimsuit. What’s more, 27% of people say just the thought of shopping for a suit gives them anxiety, with 56-million people saying they’d rather get a sunburn if that meant they could avoid shopping for a bathing suit.

Source: Business Insider

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