NFL To Reward Players For “Snitching” On Other Players

NFL fans everywhere are getting primed for the upcoming season and seeing how their favorite teams come together as training camp prepares to fire up. One of the most important aspects of camp is always the building cohesiveness. After all, you’ve got to know that your teammate’s going to have your back through the good and the bad of a long and grueling NFL season, right?

There’s a part of the NFL policy on Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs), however, that could put a dent in that bond of steel. Mike Florino of NBC Sports has discovered that if a player’s been accused and suspended for PEDs, he could be eligible to reduce his punishment if he rolls over on another player. That’s also what’s known as “snitching.” Here’s the actual wording of the policy:

The NFL Management Council may, prior to the conclusion of a Player’s appeal, reduce the length of the suspension and corresponding bonus forfeiture by up to 50% when the Player has provided full and complete assistance (including hearing testimony if required) to the Management Council which results in the finding of an additional violation of the Policy by another Player, coach, trainer or other person subject to this Policy.”

On the one hand, that could be viewed as extra incentive not to dabble in the extracurriculars. But on the other…

Source: Pro Football Talk

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