The 2018 Favorite Fast Food Restaurant IS…

Between June of 2017 and May of this year, 22,522 people offered-up their thoughts on the greatest fast-food restaurants. Now, the results of the 2018 American Consumer Satisfaction Index’s Restaurant Report are in, and Chik-Fil-A has reason to celebrate. They laid waste to the competition by scoring a resounding 87 on the satisfaction scale. Panera took the silver, with a score of 81, followed by KFC, who dropped down with a 77.

Other battles of note involved the top burger prize.

  • Wendy’s took the top spot with a score of 77, edging out Burger King’s 76, and Jack In The Box with a 74. For the survey’s third straight year, McDonald’s followed them all with a 69 – fun in the bedroom, but not so much if you’re battling for burger supremacy.
  • There was a tie when it came to pizza, with Papa John’s and Pizza Hut landing an 80-score, with Domino’s scoring close with at 79.
  • Taco Bell took a hit, too, losing the top spot to Chipotle who reigned with a 79 over the Bell’s 74.

Full service restaurants also got the treatment. The highest marks went to Texas Roadhouse, who squeaked by Cracker Barrel and Longhorn Steakhouse, both with an 81. Olive Garden also made a strong showing along with a noteworthy gain from Red Robin, and Denny’s taking the bottom slot in that category with a 77.

Source: The 2018 American Consumer Satisfaction Index’s Restaurant Report

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