The Top Friday the 13th Fun Facts

Since today is Friday the 13th, please enjoy this list of The Top Friday the 13th Fun Facts.

If the movies are to be believed, it's probably not a good day to go camping, smoke pot, and have premarital sex.

People who think today is actually jinxed are called "superstitious."  And also, "stupid." 

The superstition around the #13 goes back to the Last Supper . . . because it was the number on the softball jersey that Judas wore. 

Today is the day to avoid anything with the number thirteen.  That includes the age of your dates, Roy Moore. 

Kevin Hart is very careful not to walk underneath a black cat. 

There are more traffic accidents on Friday the 13th.  Particularly in areas with a high percentage of women drivers.

It's considered bad luck to have 13 people at a dinner table today.  And even worse luck if those 13 are seated in Chipotle. 

If a black cat crosses your path, tell him how much America misses him in the White House. 

No matter what you do today, you are legally allowed to blame "bad luck." 

On this day, you should not just assume that every guy in a hockey mask is a polite Canadian. 

George Clooney should probably stay off his scooter today. 

While people in hockey masks who kill teenagers specifically on this day are maniacs, experts concede that they're detail-oriented maniacs. 

If you're afraid of the number 13, you suffer from "triskaidekaphobia."  Either that, or you're a gigantic wuss who seriously needs to grow a pair. 

In Hispanic culture, Tuesday the 13th is considered unlucky, as is any day when Donald Trump is president. 

13 is considered an unlucky number, because "Ocean's 13" was the worst movie in that franchise. 

It's the one day a year that Chris Christie doesn't eat the 13th bonus donut he gets when he orders his usual dozen. 

Most Americans prefer Taco Tuesday the 13th.

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