Tips For Men Who Feel The Need To Wax

It used to be that being a man meant that you were a man through-and-through…even down to your hairy goodness. Now, we’re in a new era where manscaping’s increasingly becoming the grooming habit of choice. Some men have even taken to waxing those body parts with problem hair – be it their backs, chests, junk, or butts.

For those dudes who want to ride the wax-train, there are a few tricks you can give a try to make it a better experience.

  • Exfoliation – Use a scrub weekly between waxes makes it so hair is just removed, and not a layer of dead skin.
  • Allergies – Do a test wax before to see if you have a skin reaction before you do the actual deed.
  • Red Bumps – Aloe or an aftershave from Kiehl’s can help with these.
  • Ingrown Hairs – Scrub your back daily for 45 seconds to prevent them.
  • Pain – It goes away quickly and isn’t as bad as it sounds when it rips off.
  • Better Than Shaving – It takes less time and the hair’s gone longer.
  • Sex – Wait 24 hours before getting it on after a waxing down there.
  • Eyebrows – It might take a couple of people to get these beasts done right.
  • Plucking – Waxing might not be necessary. A good plucking might do the trick.

Now, you can master the art of being a well-groomed man who’s taking his waxing experience seriously. Just don’t tell your other guy friends about it or you will be mocked relentlessly or hit-on by one of them.

Source: Reddit

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