Here Are Five Things You Can Do To Keep Hair Loss Minimal

There’s one thing in this life that’s inescapable, and it’s going to catch up with all of us whether we like it or not…that’s time. Whether it’s genetics or stress, one of every guy’s biggest fears is going bald. Some handle it with more grace than others and pull off the shaved head look with dazzling style. Others get dragged down fighting, kicking, and screaming.

For those who feel the need to fight back, there are a few steps you can take. You might not prevent it, but you can delay it a bit. Give these things a try and test your luck.

  • Meditation and Exercise – Stress makes your follicles rest and then they no longer grow. Managing that stress can help. Get into a form of meditation and a regular exercise regiment to balance things out.
  • Minoxidil – Otherwise known as “Rogaine,” it won’t regenerate the hair that’s gone, but it can help you keep and thicken what you’ve got left.
  • Lasers – Evil to the rescue. These wands and helmets have been approved by the FDA, and range from $200 to $900. It’s been proven that these low-light devices can increase hair density in less than 26 weeks.
  • Ketoconazole Shampoo – You can get the 1-ounce version online, or the 2-ounce by prescription. The stuff can actually keep your hair follicles from suffering from that shrinkage you hate so much.
  • Vitamin D – Taking a supplement and eating foods rich in Vitamin D – like fish, milk, and orange juice – can help. In fact, those with a deficiency in “the D” were three-times as likely to have a problem.

Source: Men’s Health

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