Research Shows Beauty Sleep Is Real

Beauty sleep is one of those terms that we’ve heard about all our lives, but it turns out, it’s an actual thing. And science shows there’s a specific time we should be hitting the sheets and getting up so we appear our most attractive selves.

Bed brand Sealy UK did a study to find out more about our sleeping habits and they looked into whether there’s really a link between a good night’s sleep and looking better. And their research shows there actually is.

Those who got an average of nine hours and 10 minutes of quality sleep every night were most likely to notice positive benefits to their appearance. And the researchers get really specific about bed and wake up times, suggesting we should nod off at 9:45 p.m.and rise and shine at 6:55 a.m.

So how do we ensure we get that good quality beauty sleep to help us look our best? Naturally, the bed company behind the study recommends investing in a comfy and supportive bed, but creating a calm and quiet sleeping environment and sticking to a pre-sleep routine helps too.

Source: New York Post

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