The Do’s And Don’ts Of Traveling With Weed

Millions of Americans are doing their summertime travelling, and…if you’re going to-or-from a pot-friendly state…you could find yourself in a bit of trouble on your way back if you’re not careful and smart. That’s why it’s helpful to know the ins-and-outs of what you can-and-can’t do. Plus, that keeps someone else from homing in on your stash and confiscating it.

When it comes to flying, there’s still a risk because the feds still look at it as a Schedule 1 drug and view it as “dangerous.” The TSA are looking for things far nastier than you’re weed, but if they do catch you with it you might be asked to relinquish it…or go to jail. That shouldn’t be a difficult decision for you. Less than an ounce in California might get taken away and get you a fine. However, in a state where it’s not viewed upon so liberally, it’s a safe bet that Johnny Law will be getting involved. If you’re going the edibles route, switch out the wrappers with a different snack or candy…they don’t have that kind of time. Just don’t be dumb and bring it in beverage form.

Driving with the stuff can be a different animal. Know the local laws and limits in legal states, and you’ll be fine. Crossing state lines into less-welcoming states can be a bigger deal, especially if they’re looking specifically for people who are doing it. Your best bet is to consume it in the state you bought it and leave it at that. If you get charged, and the charges don’t stick, you still might have to deal with crap like asset forfeiture laws that might get your car, cash, and other personal property. It’s just not worth the risk, so be smart.

Source: BroBible

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