Sexy Games To Play With The Woman In Your Life

If you’ve been in any relationship for a decent length of time, then you know how important it is to keep things fresh, interesting, and fun. You’ve heard of “family game night,” right? Well, there’s no reason the two of you can’t have a “game night” of your own. Here are a collection of “adult games” that might stir things up, keep you curious, and help you to learn things about each other you might not have known before.

  • The F’ing Truth – Five squares off the “f-board” wins…just answer “yes.” Just don’t be afraid to share your sexual likes, dislikes, and a few stories.
  • Monogamy – Like Monopoly but designed to get you out of your sexual rut.
  • Sex Dice – It only takes one roll to get the foreplay ball rolling.
  • Never Have I Ever – This sexier version of the classic drinking game will hopefully end with something more fun than the usual fight.
  • Let’s Play Doctor – This is your chance to play out that sexual scenario you’ve been curious about, whether it’s a doctor, cops and robbers, or what have you.
  • Love Poker – Card game designed to boost intimacy with the basic rules of poker.
  • Kinky Truth Or Dare Pick-Up-Sticks – Like the school bus game, but it can get a hell of a lot nastier and fun.
  • Desire – This one’s an app that let’s you challenge each other with different “dares” even when you’re not in the same locale.
  • Position of the Day Playing Cards – Ranging from “beginner” to “expert.”
  • 50 Positions of Bondage – You’ll find buttons pressed that you didn’t know you had with this one.
  • Path To Pleasure – Lots of foreplay-based non-penetrative fun with this one.
  • Sacred Sex Game – Also focusing on connection and communication while getting down to business

Source: Men’s Health