Hangover Expert Ranks Gatorade Flavors

Everyone and their brother seems to have some magical cure for a hangover. Whether it’s aspirin and water, greasy-ass diner food, or some magical combination of vitamins that’s supposed to do the trick provided you can keep them down. However, the one consistent stand-by is…and probably always will be…Gatorade. Those thirst-quenching and headache-calming electrolytes can do wonders for even the worst of booze-induced nail-splitters.

Flavor counts, though, and that’s why one hangover expert decided to go through all flavors of Gatorade and determine once-and-for-all which is the best.

Lemon Lime – The original, and still the best…as God intended it.

  • Frost Cool Blue/Glacier Freeze/Riptide Rush – A three-way tie here, and they’re as if an iceberg was melted with the sole purpose of fixing your skull. Plus, “Riptide Rush” would be a great name for a running back.

5 Orange – “Solid and reliable” and will never let you down.

6 Fruit Punch – Standard, basic, not fancy, and smooth.

7 Flow: Tidal Punch – Easily the best of the Flow/Fierce brand extensions.

8 Citrus Cooler – Lives up to its name

9 Tropical Cooler – Could be more tropical, but it is what it is

10 Fierce: Melon – They don’t specify which melon, but it’s orange…so…

11 Fierce: Fruit Punch – What makes it more fierce than regular fruit punch isn’t exactly clear, though. It is though, might be a bit much for the morning after.

12 Fierce: Green Apple – Might be a bit too strong if you’re nursing a rager of a hangover.

13 Flow: Pineapple Mango – The color just looks “off” and spoils the whole point.

14 Flow: Blackberry Wave – Sounds like an “80’s haircut…and tastes like it, too.”

15 Organic Passion Fruit – This one just sounds like they were trying too

to come up with a new flavor. The best of the “organic” ones, though, if that’s your thing.

You could also go the Pedialyte route, just don’t let your friends see you.

Source: Thrillist

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