How To Make An “Open Relationship” Work…For You

If it makes you feel any better, there are people in “open” relationships that have their struggles, too. Such is the case with a woman who wrote to an advice blog called “Dear Prudence” looking for help with hers. As the story goes, she’s been married for four years to a dude, and they’re both free to see other people as they please.

Here’s the problem. It seems that his dating life outside the marriage is going gang-busters (or gang-bangers, as the case may be). Conversely, her dating life’s been far less active. Plus, the sex at home hasn’t been all that present because he’s tired…so, now, she’s feeling “depressed and unwanted.”

Daniel Mallory Ortberg’s the man being asked the advice on this one, and here’s what he has to say about it. First and foremost, there’s a marriage here (at least there’s supposed to be). This husband’s work and dating life’s taken priority over what’s supposed to be the “primary” relationship, but he doesn’t know there’s a problem unless she communicates that to him effectively. They should put the “open” part on-hold for a bit and focus on the two of them for a while. Then, they can get back to nailing everyone else…or get into the group thing.

Source: Slate

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