CDC: People Are STILL Reusing Condoms

posted by Aaron Zytle - 

Sometimes it’s just plain shocking. What seems completely obvious…and yet, dumb humans have to be reminded about the most basic things. With that in mind, we give you a message from the Centers For Disease Control (CDC):

“We say it because people do it. Don’t wash or reuse #condoms! Use a fresh one for each #sex act!”

First…it’s gross…especially if it’s with a different person. Secondly, there’s an increased likelihood of the sucker breaking with another go-around (which totally defeats the purpose of preventing some kind of STD funk or a surprise visit to Maury Povich to find out you ARE the father.

And, of course, since Twitter’s on the internet, there was no shortage of smart-asses chiming in with their thoughts.

  • “Na, sorry, ain’t taking the bait. You aren’t gonna fool me out of my heirloom condom.”
  • “I appreciate being eco-friendly, but…damn…”

That was in addition to the ample amounts of GIFs of facial expressions from Kevin Hart, Dr. Phil, and Ice Cube, to boot. Use a second condom you nasty bastards!

Source: CDC


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