Most People Willing To Forgive Cheaters

For a lot of people, infidelity is the one thing they can’t get past in a relationship, but it turns out more people are willing to forgive cheating than you may think. A new poll by the website for cheaters Ashley Madison finds that 59% of men and 51% of women say they could forgive a cheating partner and put it behind them.

But the reasons why men and women are willing to forgive are different, and in some cases surprising. For men, the biggest reason they’re willing to forgive their cheating spouse is because of the impact a breakup would have on the kids (26%), while still loving their wife is the second biggest reason (25%), followed by finances (18%).

But women seem to be looking at the more practical side of things. For gals, financial reasons is the biggest thing motivating them to forgive a cheater (30%), followed by the kids (25%) and still being in love with their partner (24%).

Source: The Sun

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