How Much Pizza $1 Gets You Around The World

Pizza is one of the most popular foods that people around the world enjoy. You can get a slice almost anywhere, but the price you pay depends a lot on where you are. To show just how much pizza prices vary, UK-based Climadoor put together a list of how much pizza one U.S. dollar gets you in different countries. All prices are based on the average cost of a large margherita pizza.

New Zealand comes in with the cheapest pies, a whole margherita is only about $3.46 there, and Finland has the priciest pies at $26.50 each. Here in the U.S., we’re in the middle with a large margherita going for around $13.99 on average. And this is how much pizza you can get for a buck in these countries, from the most number of slices to the least.

  • New Zealand - 2.3 slices for $1
  • Poland - 1.6 slices for $1
  • Australia - 1.3 slices for $1
  • Russia - 0.9 slices for $1
  • Mexico - 0.9 slices for $1
  • Germany - 0.7 slices for $1
  • Bahamas - 0.6 slices for $1
  • USA - 0.6 slices for $1
  • France - 0.5 slices for $1
  • Japan - 0.4 slices for $1
  • Finland - 0.3 slices for $1

Check out the entire list here.

Source: Foodbeast

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