Wanna Get Your Kink On? Experts & Ladies Explain The How

When you think of “kinky,” your mind can wander to some interesting places. Some people think of blindfolds, feathers, and a variety of non-dairy whipped toppings. Others think of “The Gimp” in “Pulp Fiction” (no judgment).

If that’s a road you and your lady haven’t yet travelled on, but you want to, there are some rules – and communication is key. After all, “50 Shades” was a best-seller for a reason, and she may be way more open to it than you realize. Once you’ve come to an agreement on what’s in, and out…so to speak…then it’s game-on!

Some experts on the topic have lent their expertise on the subject to get you started.

  • Tied-Up – It’s a great first step, and a purpose for a few of those neckties in the closet that you never wear.
  • Light Spanking – Don’t whip out the paddle with holes in it like the one you were smacked around with in school by the principal. Go easy and find a nice common ground.
  • Safe Word – Make it simple, and obvious…but not a funny word like “bonanza” because then you’ll just keep saying it to make her laugh, and not sex will happen.
  • Role Play – There’s a reason women dress like the “sexy” nurse, cop, librarian, and all that for Halloween. It’s fun. Return the favor, and don’t lose character. Wigs and the strangers-in-the-bar routine can do wonders.

Remember to do the talking, kissing, and hugging thing afterwards so no one feels completely used…unless, of course, that’s part of the role play thing you’re going for. Happy humping!

Source: Men’s Health

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