Which Alcohol Causes The Worst Hangover?

For some, the plan consists of drinking a glass of water between every alcoholic drink to stay hydrated. For others, eating a ton of pasta beforehand serves as a placebo they think “absorbs” the alcohol and makes the after-affects less traumatic. But the tip too few remember? Focus on the KIND of alcohol you’re drinking.

How so? Congeners are “byproducts of the fermentation process,” are what’s responsible for the flavor and smell of your favorite drinks. Dark drinks, as a rule, have far more of these than light ones. They’re also what you’re blaming when your headache-filled, puke-fest arrives the next day. So what’s the worst? A study has found that title goes to BOURBON, which approximately 37-times the number of congeners found in a drink like vodka. If you want to avoid a hangover, consider yourself warned, or…at the very least…stay away from the ones on the bottom shelf and sip the good stuff slowly.

Source: BroBible