The After-Sex-To-Do List

For many guys, the post-sex ritual consists of a good towel wipe-down and a nappy. Lawrence Siegel’s a clinical psychologist, and he’s of the opinion that there’s a lot more you could be doing to boost your post-coital standing and relationship status. Try these out for size and see if you don’t come off a little after doing the deed.

  • Discrete Condom Disposal – A woman can tell a great deal about you through your used condom strategy. DO – take it off, wrap it in a tissue, and put it in the waste basket. DON’T – rip it off and toss it on the floor or window ledge.
  • Refreshment – A post-boning glass of water’s the classy thing to do…while you’re up, get one for her, too!
  • Towel – Have a towel handy for mutual clean-up and wet-spot-cover-up.
  • Bathroom – It’s just a good thing to do and can reduce the risk of bacterial and uterus infections after sex.
  • Sex Toy Cleaning – They’re not going to clean themselves, and she’ll know that you think cleanliness is a virtue.
  • Check In – A post-game review of what you liked and felt good’s always a great way to cap-off the experience.
  • Cuddle – A pro move…rather than running out to make a sandwich and watch television.
  • Classy Exit – If this is a one-night-stand, that’s fine if you’re both into that. There’s no rule saying you’ve got to “dine and dash,” however. Wind things down and make the exit respectful.

Oh, and saying things like “Thar She Blows” or “That Oughta Hold Ya” might not be the best move either. Just sayin’.

Source: Men’s Health

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