The Bars You Need To Drink At Before You Die

If you’re a fan of bars – and why wouldn’t you be – then there’s a new book that commands your attention. It’s called “150 Bars You Need To Visit Before You Die and it’s a boozing bucket-list beyond compare. In it you’ll find all you need to make that worldly pub crawl that your inner-adventurer’s craving so much.

Here are some bars to add to your list right freaking now:

  • The Alchemist (London) – Cocktail mixologists beyond compare, and even master classes to teach you how to do it in your own home. “Rare ingredients, chemical reactions, and a refillable hip flask” for you to take home.
  • Bar Raval (Toronto) – A premiere Spanish tapas bar smack dab in Canada, and a kick-ass décor.
  • Dante (New York City) – It’s had a makeover, but it’s a respectful continuation of a legendary bar that’s been on the scene since 1915.
  • Untitled Supper Club (Chicago) – It looks like a maze and has something special to offer around every corner with live music and entertainment.
  • Beaufort Bar (London) – “Theatrical drinks and art deco décor” and ever cocktail has a story.
  • Blackwell Rum Bar (Negril) – House inside volcanic rock with an amazing view of the ocean that’s on the house.
  • Gianni Bar (Los Angeles) – This place was once the Bank of Italy, now it’s a bar named after the bank’s founder. The lobby’s built to impress.
  • Gold On 27 (Dubai) – Luxurious and artistic décor, progressive drinks, and an “imaginative” menu. This place is a must.
  • Djapa Bar (Hong Kong) – The interior combines “Japanese art and Brazilian wall paintings” with exceptional food and Japanese whiskeys.

Source: 150 Bars You Need To Visit Before You Die

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