Reddit Reveals Why Guys Stay Single

There’s a new study from the University of Nicosia (it’s in Cyprus) that looked into why guys stay single. Here’s the oddest part about it, though. The survey’s basing its conclusions on a Reddit thread titled “Guys, Why Are You Single?” In total, there were 13,429 guys who responded to the thread, and these researchers analyzed every last one of them.

Through that research, they came up with nine primary reasons why guys ended wrapped in the single life:

  • Poor Looks (662 mentions) – Bald, short, fat, and/or related “flaws” here.
  • Low Confidence (544 mentions) – Fixing your posture, walk, and eye-contact can help with this one.
  • Low Effort (514 mentions) – When you don’t put any time into it, you can’t expect a result.
  • No Interest (424 mentions) – Single by choice isn’t all that uncommon anymore.
  • Poor At Flirting (421 mentions) – Practice makes perfect, Romeo.
  • Introverted (411 mentions) – It would help to learn how to make the most out of social situations and not be such a loner.
  • Recent Break Up (363 mentions) – It’s good to be self-aware after a damaging experience.
  • Bad Relationship Experiences (330 mentions) – Don’t hold an entire gender to blame for a few bad times, and figure out what’s going on with you that keeps attracting that type.
  • No Available Women (330 mentions) – They’re out there…open your eyes and update that crappy Tinder profile.

In all, there were 43 different reasons a guy would be single, and only a handful of them were based on something positive. Lose the negativity, and maybe you’ll have better luck, stud!

Source: University of Nicosia

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