It’s Science! How To Make Yourself More Attractive To The Ladies

Since the dawn of time, man has been on a never-ending quest to land the affections of a lady. While it’s true that what’s considered “attractive” varies from person-to-person, there are a few universal truths that we can lean on. For this, we turn to science. Here are some things that have been PROVEN to be effective when trying to attract the female member of the species. Take notes!

  • Beards – They work in the “intermediate” range – don’t go all ZZ Top.
  • Sunglasses – Adds mystery, but if you’re indoors you might also be an a-hole.
  • Chin Up – Tilting your head up pronounces your jawline and exudes confidence.
  • Importance – Carry yourself as a big deal, and you’ll be perceived as one.
  • Entourage – A quality posse can boost your appeal with the “Cheerleader Effect”
  • Nice – Actually being a decent human being can carry you a long way.
  • Comedy – Make them laugh, and you’ve got a shot.
  • Slow Smile – When it comes to smiles, slow + sly = sexy.
  • Toned – Get in shape, but not all Rambo.
  • Guitars – There’s a reason musicians get laid – a lot.
  • Pick-Up Lines – Don’t use them…especially the cheesy ones. Just do you.
  • Dogs – The ultimate pheromone.
  • Open Posture – Sitting with arms out and legs spread is more attractive.
  • Garlic – Women find the smell “pleasant” – go figure.
  • Look Proud – Look like your confident in your own skin – even if you’re not.
  • Scars – Don’t hide them, they tell stories and you look like a badass.
  • Volunteer – Shows common interests, and that you care beyond yourself.
  • Walk With Confidence – Slowly, and with purpose.
  • Cologne – Gives a severe boost to confidence and attractiveness.
  • Oral Hygiene – Take care of your teeth, and she’ll take care of you.

Source: IFL Science